Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Water-Only E-1515-5 Waterjet for Foam Fabricating Customer

WARDJet has shipped a third water-only waterjet to the same customer in the foam fabricating industry. Each waterjet cutting machine has been slightly different–the first, a high-speed L-Series waterjet, next, a Z-Series water-only waterjet with four heads on a spreader bar, and now an EX-1515-5 optimized for rapid prototyping of water-only 3D parts.

This EX-1515-5 features a sloped tank lined with stainless steel, designed specifically for water-only cutting. The sloped tank focuses water to a central point at the back of the tank where waste water can be easily collected and fed to a drain. The tank of this EX-1515-5 water-only waterjet also features steel supports to hold water brick trays. These steel supports can be fine-tuned to keep materials flat and level in relation to the cutting head, which is important for accurate 5-Axis cutting. The Infini Winder 5-Axis cutting head is mounted to the E-Series crossbeam with WARDJet's robust Mecha Z-Carriage, and is linked to the safety PLC to stop the machine if any of the safety doors are opened during cutting.

As in many of our custom systems, you'll notice many similar design elements to our standard product line. This EX-1515-5 utilizes the gantry of a standard E-Series waterjet and places it atop the sloped tank found in water-only waterjets, like the L-Series and J-Series. Because of the modularity of WARDJet designs, WARDJet staff is able to design, build, and ship tailored systems efficiently.

Take a tour of the EX-1515-5 waterjet by watching the video below.
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