Thursday, December 3, 2015

WARDJet Custom Waterjet Manufacturing

Did you know that WARDJet was a leading manufacturer of custom waterjet systems? Just as one size rarely fits all, an 'off the shelf' waterjet may not truly satisfy all the requirements your company has for cutting equipment. That's where WARDJet comes in! Nearly every waterjet sold by WARDJet is customized in some way, providing you with the ideal cutting system from day one.
In terms of customization, this E-1524 waterjet is a great example of what WARDJet is capable of. With an over/under shuttle table, engineered with a scissor lifting mechanism to load the table into the cutting area, this E-1524 takes water-only cutting to the left level, literally. 

Three cutting heads on a single spreader bar with automatic head spacing can work in sync to perform production runs, or be turned off to one or two heads for jobs with less volume. After cutting is completed, the operator can load more material into the system on one shuttle table, and begin to unload the finished parts on the second table positioned safely out of the cutting area.

One of the unique features of WARDJet waterjets is that even the most custom system is based off of the tested and proven designs of a standard system. This E-1524 is based off a standard E-Series waterjet, with significant tank modifications for the shuttle tables and lifting mechanism. 

Ask yourself how a custom system might revolutionize your job or your business. The creative minds at WARDJet are eager to work with you to turn that napkin sketch into a powerhouse system today!

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