Friday, December 18, 2015

Star Wars Awakens WARDJet's Intergalactic Creativity

There is no lack of love for Star Wars at WARDJet. All this week we have been creating Star Wars gear on a variety of machines, from waterjet to laser cutter to 3D printer. So in honor of the Star Wars The Force Awakens release, here is a recap of this week's collection of items!

Day 1, a 3D printed bust of Admiral Ackbar created on our Maker Bot by the guys in engineering.

Day 2, Fangirl Michele from the Marketing Department wore her handmade lightsaber earrings. They even glow blue in the dark! 

Day 3, Engineering and Marketing joined forces to create this light-up Millenium Falcon.

Day 4, our electrical engineers can't get enough of Star Wars! When they aren't hard at work, designing waterjets, they are playing Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures. They even designed and created their own game pieces!

Finally, day 5, Dan and Michele from the Marketing Department and Nate from Engineering worked hard to create these beautiful Star Wars snowflakes and then decorated the office in celebration of both the Star Wars and Christmas season. Check out the video

As a gift from us to you, here are the dxf files so you can create your very own replicas of the Star Wars stuff seen here! 

Download the Millenium Falcon here
Download the Star Wars Snowflakes here

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