Friday, December 11, 2015

Robotic Abrasive Waterjet Cell: Weld Test Robot–4S

Recently, we have been working on a robotic abrasive waterjet cell. We are thrilled to share that it has just been shipped!  The robot cell, called the Weld Test Robot–4S, uses a Motoman HP20D Robot, which provides the combined payload and path accuracy that we want in abrasive waterjet cutting.
At WARDJet, we like to simplify things for the day-to-day operator. We designed the Weld Test Robot–4S to have a simple push-button interface that individually operates each of the 4 pull-out trays arranged around the work cell. Each tray also has individual sensors to detect whether or not a part is present. If a part is loaded, it will ask which program you want to run.
Of course, safety is paramount. The tray doors are constructed of WARDJet's SafeWalls™: if the waterjet stream were to pierce the inner membrane, the entire cutting system would be shut down within 20 to 30 milliseconds. 
Check out the video to see the Weld Test Robot–4S and all of its incredible features. As always, if you want more than just a waterjet and are looking for custom solutions, don't hesitate, contact WARDJet today!

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