Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Custom RX-2616 Designed for Aerospace Customer

At WARDJet, December is our busiest time of year. With several waterjets being worked on in fabrication, paint, and assembly, as well as four WARDKits being built at once, there is quite a lot of excitement on our factory floor. The most exciting of all is a custom machine we have created for a customer in the aerospace industry. We would like to introduce you to the RX-2616 with dual tanks and a dot peen marking system.
In serving the needs of an aerospace customer, there are very specific requirements that must be met. For this particular customer, one of those key requirements was that this waterjet machine needed to serialize and track all parts created during the production process. Included in this RX-2616 is a dot peen marking system which uses a precise tool to permanently mark codes or characters into the part before it is cut on the waterjet. To protect the marking assembly from any backsplash or abrasive impact, it is fully shielded during the cutting process. When the marking system needs to be put into use, a set of stainless steel doors open, and the mechanism is lowered down to perform marking operation.
This integrated dot peen marking system is not the only thing that makes this RX-2616 different from the standard R-Series system. Most WARDJet tanks are welded in a single piece; however, this RX-2616 has a split-tank design with a walkway in between. This design works well will the customer’s material size, and also gives operators full access down a center aisle to inspect, clamp and fixture parts with incredible ease.

The customization of the RX-2616 tanks does not stop with the twin tank design. WARDJet designed an accompanying ballasting and leveling system to enable the customer to cut underwater as necessary. Four diaphragm transfer pumps (two pumps feeding into each tank) allow the customer to raise and lower the water level in the tank by approximately 8-9 inches. The capacity to drastically change the water level makes it easier to load materials. Not only is loading easier, the ballast system can also flood the tank so that the customer can cut underwater, which keeps the process both cleaner and quieter.

Our team loves engineering and excels at customization. If you have a particular application and are looking for a custom solution, give WARDJet a call!

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