Wednesday, October 7, 2015

WARDJet Z-Series on Discovery How It's Made

This spring, Discovery Science featured the Falcon F7 in an episode of How It’s Made: Dream Cars. The Falcon F7 is a beautiful American supercar that draws its inspiration from the Corvette, the Ford GT 40, and Ferrari GTO as well as U.S. Air Force Fighter Jets. But do you know how WARDJet waterjets play a part in this beauty? Jump to 3 minutes and 8 seconds in to watch:
Waterjet cutting is frequently used in the automobile and aerospace industries because of its clean precision cuts that do not damage the materials or change their consistency. Whether you choose water-only or abrasive waterjet cutting, you are free to cut metals, plastics and other materials without the concern of melting, distorting or warping your material. Waterjet cutting also does not create heat-affected zones, or emit hazardous gases or fumes the way heat-based cutting methods do. The cutting versatility of waterjet cutting is unmatched, allowing you to cut more materials and finishes than any other cutting machine without changing the composition of the materials being cut.

One technique you’ll see in the episode is something called “nesting.” Using the nesting option in your software arranges all of your parts on a sheet of material in such a way that the number of parts per sheet is maximized, and waste and left over material is minimized. IGEMS does this automatically with the nesting package so you don’t have to waste time arranging and re-arranging parts manually in your program.

To learn more about waterjet cutting technology, visit the Waterjet University page, or give us a call today.

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