Monday, October 5, 2015

Mill Update: Day 245

The G&L mill installation has been chugging along all summer, and was completed just in time for fall to start. The special mill installer has finished, packed up and moved on to another project elsewhere. We are pleased to share that the mill is fully installed, running and operational!
Currently, we are awaiting laser calibration which will happen this week. The laser will check that the mill is set up level and square, since the entire machine was built in sections on the floor. Next week operator training will begin so our team can learn the ins and outs of how to run it.
The big question about this machine has been: what is it going to be used for? The G&L mill will allow us to do 4-sided machining—working along one face, the top and each end—all without having to refixture the part. Currently our engineers are working on redesigning some standard machine components so that we can utilize the G&L mill to its maximum potential, also including 5-Axis capabilities. Among other ideas, the plan is to do larger things in-house that we previously outsourced.

We still need to install railings and decking, since it's a big hole in the ground, but it will be up and running soon! Keep checking back to the WARDJet blog often for the final G&L mill updates in the next few weeks!

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