Friday, September 25, 2015

WARDKit On The Go Hits the Road!

During our August Open House, we featured a new enterprise called the WARDKit On The Go. This past weekend, the WARDKit On The Go made its debut at the Akron Mini Maker Faire!

The event drew over 1,300 makers ranging from young kids to seasoned professionals. The WARDKit was the subject of wonderment to those discovering brand new technology, and of excitement for those who know the difference between a ultrahigh pressure waterjet and a power washer!

We had a fun time demonstrating what a waterjet can do by cutting with water-only, and proving the quality of the WARDKit to Maker Faire visitors. It was a great start to kick off our WARDKit On The Go All-American Tour. Live cutting demos throughout the day produced foam Maker Faire robot keychains for those who visited WARDJet’s WARDKit Truck. We also cut custom pieces to show makers how user-friendly Ikuhlu motion control software is on our waterjets.

Now we’re gearing up for the Pittsburgh Maker Faire, which will be on October 10th and 11th. We’d love to meet you and discuss the WARDKit. If you missed the Akron Mini Maker Faire, check out a gallery of all the photos from the event on our Facebook page.

WARDKit made a splash at the Akron Mini Maker Faire last weekend. Visitors enjoyed live cutting demos, free Maker Robot foam key chains, and touring the WARDKit On The Go truck.
Posted by WARDJet on Wednesday, September 23, 2015
After that, the WARDKit Truck will begin touring directly to customers. So if you’re interested in seeing this machine in person, how it’s set up and how it works, contact us and we’ll bring the WARDKit directly to your doorstep!

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