Tuesday, September 8, 2015

WARDJet Customer Amcon Application Story in Hypertherm SPARK

"...Amcon was sold on waterjet but not entirely happy with its current system. The company began to shop around. After researching several waterjet manufacturers, Amcon chose a WARDJet L-3018 table with a Hypertherm HyPrecision 150D dual intensifier pump and four water-only cutting heads in April of 2014. [T]he advantages of the new WARDJet / Hypertherm system were quickly apparent. Better cut quality, faster cut speeds, and reduced maintenance costs to name a few..."
WARDJet customer Amcon was featured in an application story in Hypertherm's SPARK newsletter. As a foam converter, Amcon needed an ultra high speed waterjet that could handle large volumes of material. Enter WARDJet's L-Series water-only waterjet! Read the full story about Amcon and their experience with WARDJet in the Summer 2015 Hypertherm SPARK newsletter here.

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