Thursday, September 3, 2015

Business Development Manager - Custom

As a company known for its passion for creative and innovative applications in custom automation, WARDJet is the premier choice for those looking for solutions to fit their specific application. With a constant strategy to increase automation, the company is growing and expanding. WARDJet is thrilled to announce the appointment of Jason Stuffel to Business Development Manager—Custom. Jason will be responsible for overseeing the entire sales team, as well as having a specific focus in developing custom machines and bringing more automation to the waterjet industry as a whole.
“My engineering experience has not just been limited to waterjet, or machine design, in general. I have been involved with technologically-driven industries throughout my career and bring that experience to WARDJet.” Jason says. 
Under Jason's leadership, WARDJet will continue in their strategic growth to provide more and more highly-engineered solutions to their expanding customer-base. “Throughout the years WARDJet has developed an impressive library of motion system designs, material handling methods, and software platforms from which our core design group can draw upon,” according to Jason. In addition to continually refining our current offerings, this foundation allows WARDJet’s engineering team the ability to quickly and accurately develop tailor-made systems for specialized applications. 

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