Thursday, June 25, 2015

ZX-3043 Waterjet Cutting System: Installed

The ZX-3043 waterjet cutting system from earlier blog posts here and here is now installed and operational at our customer's location. Check out a few photos of the waterjet machine where it will be operated every day! Notice the unique offset cutting head and SafeWall™ setup that allows our customer to perform cutting and protected material loading simultaneously. This ZX-3043 is also equipped with cameras linked to monitors to display what is being cut on the waterjet table while the SafeWalls™ are in use.

In many ways, the ZX-3043 in these photos represents WARDJet's key philosophies: high quality equipment based on years of waterjet industry experience, infinitely upgradeable to suit any application or business, and backed by a team of people who treat your success as their own. The ZX-3043 pictured uses the proven technology and design of the Z-Series waterjet as its foundation, but incorporates custom options in order to offer an ideal solution for the customer. From concept to design, through to installation and training, WARDJet has worked closely with our customer on the ZX-3043 to ensure their satisfaction long after this machine's newness has faded.

That is the WARDJet difference. We invite you to see waterjet differently by touring our factory and talking to our employees. Contact WARDJet Sales to schedule a visit today.

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Blogger Giovana said...

It's always good to see the improvement in technologies for any type of system, including waterjet systems. The pictures really illustrate this cutting-edge technology. I want to learn more about it.

July 9, 2015 at 1:12 PM  

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