Tuesday, May 19, 2015

ZX-3043 Preview

Get a sneak preview of the new ZX-3043 machine! You may have noticed the massive yellow steel walls which set this ZX-3043 apart from the standard WARDJet Z-Series waterjet. Those are SafeWalls™, which are patent-pending barriers designed to protect waterjet operators when cutting with 5-Axis mechanisms. Watch the video, and see this beast for yourself!

This massive machine is a standard machine with some customization. Note that the cutting heads are offset on the X and Y axis, with a 5-Axis cutting head and a standard cutting head and height sensor. This was done to increase productivity, so that two giant parts can be cut simultaneously, in off-set positions.
Click here to find out more about WARDJet's Z-Series machines! Check back to the WARDJet blog to see more on this particular machine in the coming weeks as it is installed and commissioned.

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