Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Used WARDJet ZX-45 Available

In the market for a waterjet cutting system with a small footprint and a reduced price tag? Look no further than the ZX-45! This waterjet, built in 2009 and used in R & D at WARDJet headquarters, is in good condition and can be paired with your choice of brand new or used pumps. The ZX-45 also comes with WARDJet's powerful X-Classic controller loaded with user-friendly Ikuhlu software.
WARDJet's ZX-45 with standard 2D cutting head and X-Classic controller.
For more information on this system, visit WARDJet's Used Waterjets web page, or contact our Sales Department by calling 330-677-9100 extension 6 or by emailing

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