Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The RX-4014-5: A Titan Of A Machine

Enter the RX-4014-5. This tank is of such mammoth proportions that it almost didn't fit out the door as we shipped it off to be painted!
WARDJet's customer became interested in pursuing a waterjet when they secured a military contract. They will be cutting very thick materials, so their RX-4014-5 tank is outfitted entirely with heavy-duty grates.
This particular WARDJet waterjet comes with a 30 foot tank, a 5-Axis Infini Winder cutting head, heavy duty grates, and extra length rails for potential future growth--just in case they want to increase production.
Want to know more about the R-Series? Check out the WARDJet R-Series page here!

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