Thursday, May 14, 2015

Customers Build Two WARDKit 5x10 Waterjets This Week

We are excited to have not one but two WARDKits being assembled on the floor at WARDJet right now!

Two different customers traveled to Tallmadge, Ohio this week to assemble brand new WARDKit 5x10 waterjet cutting systems with the help of WARDJet's highly proficient WARDKit team!

They spent the first half of the week assembling their waterjets side by side, completing the finishing touches last night. From start to finish, these WARDKits only took 3 days to build! Today, the customers will begin training on waterjet basics, software, and maintenance with WARDJet's support technicians.

If you decide to invest in a WARDKit, you, too, have the option to build at WARDJet facilities with the supervision of a WARDJet technician. When you build your own WARDKit, you get to know the entire system and all its workings inside and out. Click here to find out more!

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