Thursday, April 30, 2015

WARDJet's R-Series Waterjet Built for Large-Scale Jobs

If you don't know anything about WARDJet's R-Series, just know that it's big. Really big. You won't believe just how mind-bogglingly big it is until you see one in person. The R-Series machines are built for customers who need a large cutting area to tackle large-scale jobs.
WARDJet's product line has a machine to suit virtually every customer's waterjet cutting needs. For customers who need capacity to cut extremely large materials, WARDJet offers the R-Series. The "R" stands for "rack" or "rail". The R-Series runs on a helical rack and split pinion system which is ideal for jobs that require more length than a ballscrew can provide. With the R-Series, you can install additional racks so that you can essentially make the machine as long as you need!

The rails of an R-Series are mounted directly on the floor instead of the machine and don't make any contact with the waterjet tank. The big benefit here is that while the rails stay in place, you can continue to size up your cutting tables as your jobs grow in size and scale and keep adding rails as needed. Another benefit of the R-Series is that customers can set up multiple sheets to cut on the front of the table while loading the next job on the back of the table. You could even put two gantries on one set of rails, which opens up a whole new set of possibilities and configurations!
This R-Series that WARDJet just shipped off has a cutting area 14 feet by 20 feet and features the Infini Winder 5-Axis cutting head and an XL controller. This machine, called the RXL-2014-5, will be used by our customer for extremely large, absolutely over-sized sheets of metal and glass to create custom storefront facades.

Overall, the R-Series can open up a world of capabilities for those looking to increase production with large sheet sizes. To learn more about the R-Series, check out WARDJet's R-Series Page here!

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