Tuesday, April 28, 2015

WARDJet Ships Custom Robotic Routing Cell

You may have noticed that WARDJet’s motto is “Not Just a Waterjet,” but you may not yet have considered what that means. Did you know WARDJet manufactures more than just waterjet cutting systems? WARDJet offers custom CNC solutions including automation, material handling, and tool integration. This week, WARDJet sent the first shipments of a robotic routing cell for use with composite materials! If you didn’t know about our custom integration capabilities, this robot definitely deserves your attention:
The robotic routing cell is a 2-cell work center with a robot installed in the middle so that the robot can work on one side while the operator simultaneously loads material on the other side. This allows for continuous production and reduces overall downtime and labor costs.
The robotic routing cell is set up to be operated in one of two ways: with the traditional pendant or with WARDJet’s user-friendly XL controller. This offers the operator the ability to bypass cumbersome ‘teach mode’ use with the pendant and instead run programs with a few clicks of a button on the XL controller. The XL controller is loaded with easy to use Ikuhlu software which was written and programmed in-house by our team of electrical engineers to make the conventionally complex robot functionality much simpler.

The robot has some pretty impressive tech specs, including high-speed vinyl guillotine doors, 8-axis cutting capability, and a high-speed, air-cooled, 10-horsepower spindle that spins the cutting tool. The rotary axis tables are designed to be able to turn a thousand pound load at 10 RPM.

Make sure to check back to the WARDJet robot webpage soon for final footage of the machine once it is fully operational!

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