Tuesday, March 11, 2014

In-House Circuit Board Manufacturing at WARDJet

Did you know that WARDJet manufactures circuit boards for their waterjet cutting systems in-house? From screen printing to pick and place to wave soldering, manufacturing our own circuit boards allows WARDJet a lot of flexibility. In fact, WARDJet is the only waterjet manufacturer in the industry who makes their own circuit boards in the same building where the waterjet itself is assembled. Here are a few of the benefits of making circuit boards in-house:
  1. Circuit boards are made in small batches so that when a new feature is available, it can be added into the electronics as soon as possible. This prevents WARDJet from delaying the release of new features because of leftover inventory of old circuit boards.
  2. WARDJet creates circuit boards to be as backwards-compatible as possible. What this really means for our customers is that the newest features are available no matter what year you purchased your WARDJet waterjet.
  3. Five years from now, if you need a replacement circuit board, you are not going to get a five year old circuit board. You’ll get the newest circuit board with all of the latest features and technology.
  4. Manufacturing circuit boards makes it very easy for WARDJet to continue to innovate and bring new features to the market quickly.
For a quick glimpse at how WARDJet manufacturers these circuit boards, watch the video below. 

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