Thursday, January 16, 2014

Shipping of RX-2014-5 Waterjet with 3 foot Z

This week, WARDJet shipped the RX-2014-5 waterjet to an aerospace customer in Wisconsin. This RX-2014-5 waterjet cutting system offers a 5-Axis Infini Winder cutting head with 36" of Z travel over a 20 ft by 14 ft cutting envelope. R-Series are also easily expandable with the addition of extra rail and can accommodate multiple cutting heads as your company grows.

Because of its gargantuan size, this R-Series waterjet was shipped on two separate flatbed trucks. This first truck carried the tank, two AROS self-tipping hoppers, Job Shop Grates™, and a WRS-3000 water recycling unit plus other accessories. The second truck was loaded with the gantry on a special welded 'sled' for shipping, the intensifier pump, and chiller. When this RX-2014-5 is installed in its entirety on our customer's shop floor, it will be a force to be reckoned with!

Our customer plans to use this R-Series waterjet to trim large three dimensional parts used in the aerospace industry. Check back to the R-2014 web page to see updates on the installation of this RX-2014-5 waterjet.

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