Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Update on the G-4816 Waterjet

WARDJet team members have been busy with end-of-the-year orders but one of the most notable projects currently in process is the assembly of the large-scale G-4816 waterjet gantry in the delivery bay.

As the largest waterjet ever manufactured by WARDJet, the G-4816 has been getting lots of attention every step of the way. Recently, the massive Z-Carriages were attached to the gantry in the delivery bay with the use of scaffolding and heavy-duty cranes. This marks the next phase of manufacturing for the G-4816 as it transitions from ‘individual components’ to ‘assembled unit’ and begins to resemble a waterjet cutting system.

The entire G-4816 will not appear in its final form until it is installed on-site with the sunken waterjet cutting table and the concrete-mounted sidebeams. The system is simply too large to be assembled in one piece at our facility, not to mention the shipping for such a mammoth waterjet system would be near impossible! Consequently, the G-4816 will not be assembled in entirety until all components arrive at the customer’s location in the beginning of next year.
Until then, WARDJet has a glimpse of what the G-4816 will look like as the gantry and Z-Carriages are assembled in the delivery bay. This will allow WARDJet employees to test the accuracy of the gantry and cutting heads by using metrology tools at our facility prior to delivery at the customer’s location.

Stay tuned to the WARDJet blog and the G-Series web page for more information about this sensational waterjet. WARDJet is excited for this project to come to fruition in a few short weeks and can’t wait to share photos and videos of the final product soon.

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