Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Large-Scale Z-3064 Waterjet Cutting System Ships to Customer

This week the WARDJet team shipped a Z-3064 waterjet – the largest Z-Series manufactured to date. The Z-3064 measures at an imposing 138” wide by 280” long and weighs approximately 8.5 tons. With a cutting area of 10 feet by 21 feet and an Infini Winder 5-axis cutting head, this Z-3064 is capable of handling very large, complex jobs. 
To illustrate the size of this large Z-Series waterjet, WARDJet production members placed the small 2’x2’ SPXL-0606 tank near the Z-3064. Even though there are many obvious differences between these two waterjet systems, they are both built with the same dependable components and serviced by WARDJet technicians with the same attention to detail. Watch the video below to see Richard Ward describe other features that make the Z-3064 stand out from standard waterjets.

Visit the Z-Series web page to explore the different types of our flagship waterjet, including the Z-45, Z-2543, and Z-3064.

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