Friday, November 8, 2013

WARDJet Builds and Ships 6-Headed Tesla Waterjet in 8 Days!

WARDJet is excited to share that we recently built a unique waterjet cutting system for Tesla Motors, a ZXL-2043 with custom features. This powerful waterjet cutting machine was designed with 6 standard cutting heads that can be operated all at once from the XL controller. Designed to work in concert with the 6 cutting heads, WARDJet collaborated with Tesla to create a custom external loading table that is fixtured for multiple parts to be cut simultaneously. The Tesla ZXL-2043 waterjet is also unique because it is fed by two 150HP 60K psi pumps on either side of the machine that will work together to provide adequate pressure to cut with all six heads. With their new ZXL-2043 waterjet, Tesla will be capable of cutting 6 complex castings in the same time as it would take to cut one!

Mechanical ability aside, one of the most notable details of the Tesla ZXL-2043 waterjet is that it went from design to fabrication to assembly to shipping in a record 8 days! The pace of production for the Tesla waterjet is a testament to the modular design of the WARDJet Z-Series machines- only a few changes are made to an existing model waterjet and an entirely custom system is created.

To read more about this ZXL-2043 and the variety of Z-Series waterjets available, visit the WARDJet Z-Series web page.

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