Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New R-Series Risers Allow for 36" of Z Travel

On average, the Z-travel on a standard waterjet gantry is around 12”. WARDJet recently designed a gantry capable of cutting nearly three times this height by incorporating 3 feet of Z-travel as an option for R-Series and Z-Series machines.

Pictured is WARDJet’s new R-Series riser which accommodates for 36” of travel on the Z-axis. Providing an additional 2 feet of vertical travel allows this system the ability to perform large-scale 3D cutting with thick raw materials for a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive and heavy duty construction.
To read more about these large format waterjets, visit the WARDJet R-Series web page. Also, check back to the WARDJet blog frequently to see more updates on this R-Series waterjet with 36" of Z travel as it moves through production.

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