Thursday, November 21, 2013

Low Cost Emerald 1530 Completed and Ready to Ship

This week, the WARDJet team finished another Emerald Series waterjet – this one for a customer in sunny Florida. The Emerald 1530 is one of two low-cost waterjets introduced by WARDJet earlier this year. Featuring double the tank size of the Emerald 1515, the 1530 has a cutting envelope of 5 feet by 10 feet and is capable of loading from all four sides much like the smaller Emerald 1515. These ‘green line’ waterjet systems are perfect for no-frills cutting of a variety of materials, including metal, rubber, stone, and foam. The Emerald 1530 is an ideal waterjet for job shops, universities, and small businesses.

The main advantage of the Emerald Series waterjet is that they are manufactured using the same high quality components as the much larger and pricier waterjet systems. By purchasing an Emerald 1515 or 1530, you will receive the same dependable ballscrew-driven system, the same user-friendly controls and software, and the same outstanding service and support from WARDJet staff. At a lower price and smaller footprint, the Emerald Series waterjets are an undeniable value.

Find out more about the Emerald 1530 waterjet cutting system by visiting the WARDJet Emerald Series web page.

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