Thursday, November 14, 2013

G-4816 Crossbeam Ready for Assembly at WARDJet

Yesterday, the crossbeam for the massive G-4816 waterjet returned from paint. One of the largest of its kind, this G-Series crossbeam measures at 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide and a whopping 28 feet long. The G-4816 crossbeam weighs 16,800lbs which is more than 15 times that of a standard Z-Series crossbeam!

Because of its size, the G-4816 gantry will be built in the sunken delivery dock on top of concrete blocks that mimic the height of the final machine’s sidebeams. This allows WARDJet production staff to assemble the Z-carriage and also test the accuracy of the gantry prior to shipping.

New developments are happening on the G-4816 waterjet every day – stay tuned to the G-Series web page to see the latest photos and videos of the largest machine in WARDJet history!

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