Friday, October 11, 2013

WARDJet and AMRC Featured in Aerospace Manufacturing and Design October Issue

In the October 2013 edition of Aerospace Manufacturing and Design, WARDJet's G-Series was featured as the future of waterjet technology. AMD reporters were particularly interested in covering the GCM waterjet that is installed at the AMRC with Boeing facility in the United Kingdom. The GCM combines 5-axis cutting and milling with 5' of Z-travel to make it capable of both cutting and machining heavy duty parts. The AMRC with Boeing currently uses the GCM waterjet to conduct important research on composites for the aerospace industry.

Read the full article to understand the large impact that the G-Series waterjet is having on applications such as aerospace, nuclear, wind, and heavy engineering. For more information about these powerful, large-scale waterjets, visit the G-Series web page.

The Future of Waterjet Technology Is Big – Really - AMD – Aerospace Manufacturing and Design

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