Friday, October 4, 2013

Used Z-45 WARDJet Waterjet for Sale

Every now and then, WARDJet will sell a showroom model waterjet to allow us to put a new machine with the newest features in its place. Currently, there is a unique opportunity to pick up our showroom model Z-45 at a great price. This machine features a 4’ x 5’ cutting area, one standard cutting head, 1000 lb bulk feed hopper, programmable Z axis, pressure gauge, variable speed mini-hopper, and a dual screen X-Classic controller with 8 servo drives. 
Price for the Z-45 would include installation, a three-month parts warranty and one seat of our WARDCAM software. This quality waterjet cutting machine could easily be upgraded to 5-axis, now or in the future. In fact, WARDJet currently has a gently used and refurbished Psy-Winder 5-axis cutting head that can be quoted with this machine upon request. Please note that the addition of a 5-axis cutting head will reduce the total cutting area of the machine to just over 3’ x 3’. Many software and hardware upgrade options are also available, and the machine could be packaged with a new or used pump. Please contact our sales department if you are interested in this machine or visit the Used Waterjets web page to read more.

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