Tuesday, October 15, 2013

L-3025 Waterjet in Full Automation Video Short

The L-3025 water-only waterjet was one of the most sensational machines that WARDJet has had at our facility this year. With dual 5-Axis Infini Winder cutting heads, the L-3025 waterjet was designed to cut everything from simple shapes to three dimensional parts with ease and at lightning speeds. This particular customer selected many additional options to turn the standard L-Series waterjet into a fully automated system. By adding a chain fed cutting area with integrated on-loading and off-loading tables, this sensational waterjet became an entire water-only production system. The customer also chose to add pneumatic guillotine doors to square the material with the cutting heads as well as a set of laser optical eyes to position material in place.

The L-3025 waterjet sounds impressive when it’s described but it is even more awe-inspiring when you can see it in action. Since not everyone can have the pleasure of seeing the L-3025 in person, the team at WARDJet put together a short video highlighting the full process. Click the link below to watch this water-only waterjet cut a variety of interesting shapes and prepare to be blown away! Visit the L-Series web page for more information on these water-only waterjets.

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