Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Revolutionary New Project Underway on WARDJet Production Floor

Check out the newest addition to the WARDJet production floor! Last week, WARDJet team members began setting up the 10' steel surrounds for an exciting new project that is a radical departure from any of the waterjets in our current product line.

This new enterprise features WARDJet waterjet technology seamlessly integrated into a system designed to open up new possibilities in automated production. By partnering with a global industry leader to create a waterjet unlike anything else we have ever done, WARDJet hopes to provide a high quality solution suitable for many custom applications.

Stay tuned to the WARDJet blog for more details or plan on registering for our Open House October 23rd and 24th to see the big reveal in person!

Click Here for More Open House Info

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