Thursday, August 15, 2013

Second of Three High Speed L-Series in Progress at WARDJet: the L-3025-5 Water Only Waterjet

Last week, WARDJet production shipped the first of the three ultra high speed L-Series waterjets, the L-3025, to our customer’s location in Mexico. Even while the L-3025 was being prepared for shipping, WARDJet team members were working on assembling the second L-Series water only waterjet for the same customer, the L-3025-5. This L-3025-5 is slightly taller than the L-3025 that was built for a different location because it will need to accommodate two Infini Winders, WARDJet's trademark 5-axis cutting heads. Stay tuned to the WARDJet blog to hear more about the L-3025-5 as production continues!

L-Series waterjets are renowned for their high speed and high accuracy water only abilities. The L-Series waterjet frame is extremely robust to allow it to handle the high forces generated from traveling up to 7,000 inches per minute. This robust frame design also allows for the integration of heavy duty features like multiple 5-axis cutting heads, cameras and height sensors. L-Series pure water cutting systems can also be built to cut with abrasive if requested by the customer. For more information about our ultra high speed water only waterjet cutting systems, visit the L-Series webpage.

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