Friday, August 16, 2013

Safe Employee Practices Reviewed at August WARDJet Safety Meeting

Safety is a number one priority at WARDJet. Yesterday the WARDJet team attended the monthly safety meeting to address a number of concerns relating to workplace dangers. Our dedicated Safety Coordinator reviewed a few new regulations to eliminate hazards on the shop floor and fielded questions from WARDJet staff regarding required personal protective gear.

Every effort is made to ensure employee safety while at the workplace and those same safe practices extend to safety awareness while at home. WARDJet values each and every employee in the company and cares deeply about reducing any hazards they may encounter while at work. While we enjoy working together to create high quality waterjets at WARDJet, we take the safety of ourselves and our coworkers very seriously.

This attitude extends to our customers and the safety of their machines. WARDJet designs all 5-axis machines with safety guards. We are happy to assist each customer in setting up the a safety configuration of their machines so that they can best protect their operators and employees. We recognize that each customer has a unique purpose and plan for their machine and that safety configurations will be adjusted accordingly. For example, the L-Series waterjets shown in our previous post are outfitted with doors that have magnetic locks to prevent access to the machine when in use. Please feel free to call us and discuss waterjet safety. The safety of our customers is just as important to us as the safety of our employees. For more reasons to choose WARDJet as your waterjet manufacturer, visit the Why WARDJet webpage.

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