Monday, August 5, 2013

L-Series Pure Water Waterjet Cutting System: Fast, Efficient, and Reliable

If you are in need of a waterjet cutting system that is ultra-high speed and super accurate, look no further than the WARDJet L-Series. The L-Series was designed using a linear motion drive system, which is renowned for its excellent accuracies, placement repeatability, and reliability. Additionally, the linear motion drive system allows the L-Series to cut at incredible speeds. WARDJet L-Series waterjets can cut up to 7,000 ipm, making it the fastest cutting waterjet available.

The acceleration and deceleration rates of 1 m/s² ensure that you can quickly reach that high rate of travel to achieve optimized production. The L-Series is primarily purchased as a water only waterjet, but abrasive is an option for customers who are interested. The frame of the L-Series is extremely robust, made of thick-walled steel tubing able to accommodate multiple 5-axis cutting heads. This sturdy design allows customers to add many other options as needed to suit their application. Visit the WARDJet L-Series page to see this ultra-high speed waterjet in action.

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