Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cutting on WARDJet’s Shop Floor – The Low Cost Emerald Series Waterjet

WARDJet stands behind the quality and dependability of the low cost Emerald Series waterjet. In fact, we use the Emerald in our own day-to-day production. Operating right alongside our flagship Z-Series waterjet, the Emerald can hold its own - cutting parts with precision and reliability. Its compact design is ideal for cutting small parts in two dimensions and waterjet operators applaud the Emerald for its ease of use. The Emerald stands apart from other low cost waterjets because it can index sheets in the cutting area from all four sides and can be used from the front or the back of the machine. Built using the same ball screw drive system as our larger waterjets, the Emerald shares many design features of the Z-Series waterjet at a more affordable price.

WARDJet tries to consider what type of waterjet we’d like to use on our shop floor when we develop new products. To us, the Emerald Series waterjet represents the marriage of precision and affordability without sacrificing quality. At WARDJet, one main focus is quality and we believe that the Emerald Series is the ideal low-cost waterjet cutting system that our customers can depend on for years.

Watch the Emerald in action on the WARDJet shop floor in this video! More information about the low cost Emerald Series waterjet is available on the Emerald webpage.

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