Tuesday, July 16, 2013

WARDJet Job Shop Grates™ Provide Ideal Support for Waterjet Cutting

WARDJet Job Shop Grates™ can revolutionize the way that you cut on your waterjet. Traditional slat support methods are wobbly and often cause inconsistent cuts. WARDJet considered what would make the ideal support for waterjet cutting and developed the Job Shop Grate system.

Job Shop Grates are rigid, sturdy supports made of cold rolled steel designed in a grid layout to allow for easy clamping of material on the table. Each joint in the grid has eight welds which equates to at least 3,000 welds per grate so the final support system is very rugged. In addition, the Job Shop Grates are an impressive 5” tall so that customers are able to flip and rotate their Job Shop Grates. This allows the waterjet operator to get four times the life of traditional support systems and maximize consumable savings. WARDJet Job Shop Grates are fabricated using advanced automated technology to ensure that each grate is perfectly level and consistently welded. As a result, our customers can be confident that cutting material on Job Shop Grates will yield the best possible final product. Since the production of Job Shop Grates is entirely automated, WARDJet is able to easily produce grates of any size with a few simple changes in the welding program.

The real proof of success of Job Shop Grates are the customers who keep coming back to WARDJet for new sets of grates. Find out more information about the Job Shop Grates by visiting our Job Shop Grates™ webpage or contacting a WARDJet representative today.

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