Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Most Recently Shipped Low Cost Emerald Series Waterjet Installed and Running

Another Emerald Series low cost waterjet was installed recently at a customer's facility. This Emerald 1515 was upgraded to feature four cutting heads and unique fixturing in the tank for use in cutting stone and tile. Our WARDJet installer got the Emerald waterjet up and running in no time and tells us the customer is very pleased with their new system!
Below is a photo of the first production part cut on this customer’s Emerald Series low cost waterjet. WARDJet is excited to introduce this revolutionary, high quality system to its customers at an affordable price. WARDJet is happy to share in the excitement our customers experience when cutting their ‘first production part’ from newly installed Emerald Series waterjets!
Contact WARDJet if you’d like to receive more information on the Emerald Series waterjets, or visit our Emerald Series webpage.

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