Wednesday, July 31, 2013

R-Series Large Format Waterjet Calibrated to Ensure Cutting Accuracy

All WARDJet waterjets are manufactured and assembled on-site at our Tallmadge headquarters. Occasionally, an order is placed for a waterjet cutting machine that requires special consideration and the entire assembly cannot be completed at our facility. In these instances, WARDJet assembles the main components for the waterjet tank independent of the gantry and crossbeam and each piece is shipped on its own.

Recently, WARDJet fabricated an R-2414-5 waterjet for a customer in the southern United States with the tank and gantry shipping separately. The R-Series tank was shipped in two pieces to be welded watertight on site. The gantry was assembled on a set of shorter rails so that it was able to be tested for accuracy and reliability, even without the tank! In this short video, you can see the team at WARDJet placing the gantry on the short test rails and using a ballbar to map the accuracy of the cutting head.

We care about providing the best quality products to our customers and work to make sure that all waterjets are performing at their peak before leaving our facility. To hear more information about why WARDJet is unique from other manufacturers, visit our Why WARDJet video page.

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