Thursday, July 25, 2013

Emerald Series Waterjet Earns Customer Praise for "Already Starting to Make a Difference in Our Cutting Schedule"

The WARDJet team received another compliment from a customer recently. The low cost Emerald Series waterjet is a customer favorite and we are pleased to hear positive feedback from another new Emerald owner.
"Just wanted to let you know we are happy with our Emerald machine, and it has already started to make a difference in our cutting schedule. Technical support has been great also, working out the kinks with my operator. Thanks for all you and the rest of WARDJet did to create this machine." S.H.
To read about this Emerald 1515 Series waterjet cutting its first production part, click here.
Visit the Emerald page to see how the low cost Emerald Series waterjet can make a difference in your cutting schedule.

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