Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Waterjet Video: Assembly of Z-2543 Waterjet Cutting Machine with 3 Foot Z Travel

Think 12 inches of z-travel is impressive? How about 36? Watch as our modified crossbeam is being moved from it's assembly area to the extended risers on a Z-2543. This Z-Series machine will have a Z travel of 3 feet at the cutting head and will be fit with an Infini Winder 5-axis cutting head. The tank and most of the other components on this machine are standard for a Z-2543. This is a perfect example of how our modular design allows for increased capabilities with minimal effort. This design also allows for this 36 inch Z to be retrofitted to any existing Z-Series machine. The ability to design, engineer, and fabricate custom systems in-house allows WARDJet the flexibility to give customers the right tools for the job.

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