Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Waterjet Video: Infini Hopper - Adjustable Feed Rate Abrasive Delivery

The Infini Hopper is WARDJet's most accurate and easy to use waterjet abrasive mini hopper to date. The Infini Hopper allows operators to quickly change abrasive feed rates between part programs. Companies that cut varied materials and parts will find this capability useful when changing between nozzle/orifice combinations. Abrasive flow settings for various orifice sizes can be programmed in the Infini Hopper which allows the abrasive feed rate to be changed with the push of a button. 

Fragile materials like glass or composites require less abrasive and a low pressure pierce. With the Infini Hopper on your machine, the Infini Hopper automatically uses the programmed low pressure abrasive feed rate when the pump is in low pressure mode. With the advancements of this mini hopper, waterjet operators have much more control over their abrasive feed rate with much less effort.

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