Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Video: RR-Series Tank: Biggest Yet

Just when you think we've hit the limit for our tank sizes, we push the limits even further. This latest tank is for an RRX-4016 waterjet that features a 40’ x 16’ (12 m x 4.8 m) cutting envelope and a rail driven Y-axis. Keep checking back for more details on this incredible machine as it's being built.

To illustrate just how large this tank is, we compared its size to our standard Z-Series tank’s size. We fit 4 of our standard tanks inside - with room to spare! Don't believe us? Watch the video.

Visit the WARDJet Waterjet Blog to watch the video.
Requires the latest version of adobe flash player.

At WARDJet, we love a challenge. When others say, "That can't be done," we like to ask, "How can we make it work?" Do you have a unique application or are your needs not met by current machines on the market? Give WARDJet a call. We'd love to make your dream a reality.

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