Thursday, November 8, 2012

Video: Milling & Waterjet Combined in Our New GCM Series

Visit the WARDJet Waterjet Blog to watch the video.
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We've been updating you on the progress of the GCM Series Waterjet and Combination 5-Axis Mill in the past months. We are happy to be able to show you the finished machine running both our Infini Winder 5-Axis head as well as a 24,000 rpm Milling Head. By combining both on a single, large format system, this allows for cutting and milling of composites without having to move the parts to a separate machine for milling. This helps to increase accuracy of the parts as well as saving valuable time setting up a second machine.

To increase flexibility, you'll notice that there is a tank under only a portion of the machine's massive cutting area. This allows for custom fixtures to be added to cut larger parts, taking full advantage of the GCM's 60 in. of Z travel. This machine has been designed for a high level of precision while allowing for large jobs to be cut on a single machine. This system really exemplifies our motto of being Not Just A Waterjet!

Visit the GCM page for more photos, videos, and information on this system.

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