Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Shipping 3 Machines at the Same Time

Here at WARDJet, you never know what kind of machines will be going out week to week. One week, you'll see loads of our Z-Series loading onto trucks, the next, 2 completely custom machines will be heading out. A few weeks ago, 3 machines were all shipping out at the same time, a 6-headed machine heading for the UK with custom loading tables, a 5-axis machine with custom part fixtures and grating loaded into the tank, as well as a 5-axis Z-2543.

We'll be highlighting the more custom of these machines in the next few days so check back to the blog often. This week was a perfect example of the skill and flexibility of the WARDJet team. Whether you have a standard machine, a modified machine, or a custom machine from the ground up, you can be sure that our expert team is doing everything to insure your success from design to installation.

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