Friday, August 17, 2012

GCM Update: Electrical Comparison

Given that the GCM is not just a waterjet but also a CNC composite milling machine it requires a custom electrical system beyond that of a standard waterjet. In this photo is a grey cabinet that holds all the electrical for the GCM and below it is a standard "sled" and "brick" typically held in the riser of a Z-Series machine. The years of experience and constant drive to innovate has allowed us the ability to diversify and create custom solutions like this one. We enjoy challenges and opportunities like this one on a daily basis and are excited to continue to do so. Keep checking the blog and the GCM Progress Page for more updates on the GCM Series Waterjet.

The GCM will be available as a standard Waterjet and Composite Milling machine. If this system, something like it, or something completely custom interests you feel free to contact us!

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