Monday, August 27, 2012

GCM Update: Both Z-Carriages are Mounted!

     Big changes are happening on our floor when it comes to the GCM Series Waterjet. With the crossbeam in place for production, it is time to mount the two z-carriages. Both z-carriages offer 5ft in Z travel, allowing for greater flexibility when cutting parts on the table or on the ground.
     While head one will hold WARDJet's Infini Winder 5-Axis waterjet cutting head, head 2 will hold a 24,000 RPM 5-axis milling head for milling of composites. As you can see from the photos, head 2 had to be made larger and be reinforced to withstand the forces applied to it while machining the composites.

 Make sure to check back to this blog to see the GCM finalized and readied to ship for installation. For constantly updated photos and videos, visit the GCM Progress Page.

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