Friday, March 23, 2012

R-3015 Custom Waterjet Makes Progress

With the R-3015 tank back from paint it's time to move it to it's final build area. Moving a tank of this size is both exciting and nerve racking. It was a slow and careful process and in it's final position we just took a moment to rest and look at the build quality of this extremely rigid tank.

The WARDJet engineering team put a lot of hard work and thought into the design of the R-3015. With it's large cutting area it was necessary to reinforce the tank walls with baffles and a center strut. This system needed support for catwalks as well allowing easier loading and unloading of materials and parts. The front half of the tank is designed and reinforced for a specific application and the back is outfitted with our versatile job shop grates. This effectively makes this two machines in one!

The R-3015 is a perfect example of WARDJet's ability to provide solutions for custom applications while not sacrificing flexibility.

If you have a custom or oversize application fill out our sales request form for more information.

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