Monday, November 28, 2011

Video: Two ZX-2546's with Independently Driven Cutting Heads

These two ZX-2546s feature extended tanks and crossbeam design to enable triple head cutting while still allowing for single head cutting of a full 8’ x 12’ sheet. You will also find that each of the three heads is independently controlled by it’s own AC servo motor. This allows for independent movement as well as easy to set up mirror cutting. Cut your parts in half the time without sacrificing edge and cut quality!

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The ZX-2546 is a great example of how flexible WARDJet’s designs are. When presented with this custom application and set of requirements, WARDJet was able to alter an existing design of our Z-Series and produce the ZX-2546. With almost every component of a WARDJet being produced in our facility in Tallmadge, Ohio, small and large changes are able to be made without the long lead times you may find from other manufacturers. Our dedication to producing as many components as possible ourselves allows us to be sure of the quality and construction of every part of our machine.

Contact us today to see if the ZX-2546 is right for your application or let us know your needs and our skilled staff can suggest a machine or design a solution specifically for your requirements.

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