Thursday, June 2, 2011

Video: Custom Waterjet for a Specific Application

Customers often come to us with specific applications for waterjet cutting. We're always ready to accept the challenge and are continually excited to discover new ways to build a quality product for our customers.

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This custom built waterjet utilizes standard parts to achieve a specific application. Eight cutting heads follow a set path across a pressurized cutting table to cut a specific part in great volumes. The side beams were raised to allow loading from the sides in addition to the usual loading from front and back. The tank underneath is sloped to allow a steady draining of kerf and waste material. The risers are significantly shorter and the cross-beam is mounted on the bottom of the plates that secure. This was done to keep the waterjet shorter in height and to allow only the 1 inch Z-axis travel that is required. This machine illustrates how custom design with standardized parts can produce a waterjet to fit particular needs. Contact us today to see if a solution such as this is right for your custom application.

-Dan Corby and the WARDJet Team

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