Monday, June 13, 2011

NEW Article: Three Waterjet Heads Are Better Than One

WARDJet is featured in an article about waterjet cutting with 3 cutting heads and 60,000 psi. Metals & Services, Addison, Ill., customer of WARDJet, discovers the advantages of cutting at 60 kpsi over cutting at 90 kpsi. WARDJet can offer both 60 kpsi and 90 kpsi pumps. We do like to educate our customers about the pros and cons of each so that they can make an educated decision about what is best for their application. Things we suggest people consider are:
  1.  Consumable parts costs are significantly more expensive at 90 kpsi.
  2.  Consumable life tends to be much lower at 90 kpsi vs. 60 kpsi.
  3.  When seals fail on a 90 kpsi pump, it tends to be a very rapid, violent failure.  With 60 kpsi, when seals start to leak it tends to be a more gradual process so that you can normally just back off the pressure a bit, cut a little slower until you get to a point where you can take the pump out of service for repair
  4. Things like support grates under your material get cut up very quickly at the higher pressure
  5. 90 kpsi might cut 40% faster. So say theoretically you could cut a certain material and thickness with a 60 kpsi pump at 10 ipm.  This would mean you could cut it at 14 ipm with 90 kpsi.  What is often not explained is that in order to do that the 90 kpsi pump needs to be 100 HP to be able to run one 0.014”/0.040” nozzle combination.  For an apples-to-apples comparison, a 60 kpsi, 100 HP pump can run two heads with the 0.014”/0.040” combo.  Therefore a 60 kpsi pump, 100HP could cut the equivalent of 20 ipm (2 heads x 10 ipm) versus 14 ipm (1 head x 14 ipm)for 90 kpsi.
  6. Abrasive used with 90 kpsi cannot be recycled because it is pulverized in the stream. With 60 kpsi you at least have the option to consider recycling.

At WARDJet, we also have some unique design concepts for our machine that allow our 60 kpsi machines to cut 20-30% faster than others.

Metals & Services decided to do their own research and determined that cutting with 3 heads at 60 kpsi would be most cost-effective for their application.
Follow the link to read the article:

-Jeff Day & the WARDJet Team

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