Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We're Ramping up Production!

At WARDJet, we are hard at work preparing for our next innovative machines.  Here you'll see several of our risers fresh out of the mill and ready for paint. 

Our design process makes it possible for our machines to use standard parts, such as these risers, but modify only small parts of a machine in order to create a fully custom machine. Check back on this blog to see a video of Richard Ward demonstrating how our standard parts are used in custom ways. Our use of standard parts also makes it possible for any WARDJet waterjet to be fully upgradable.  Even our very first waterjet is able to be upgraded with tomorrow's technology. Contact WARDJet today to see if one of our systems is right for you. Maybe one of these risers will be on your machine in the near future!

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