Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Video: WARDJet's New Pick and Place System

WARDJet’s newest production tool is up and running! In keeping with our in-house philosophy, WARDJet has recently acquired and begun running a Pick and Place for all of our circuit needs. The use of the Pick and Place allows us even more flexibility in the design and production of custom waterjet systems. This new system allows for a shorter time between design concept and functioning machine. Along with flexibility, this increases the accuracy of our already reliable electronics. The Pick and Place also takes human error out of the equation, allowing for better quality control.

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At WARDJet, we stand behind the design and quality of our products because we know what went into making each component. We’ve always believed in using the highest quality parts to make the best, most reliable, and user friendly waterjet systems. What better way to do that than to employ the best people possible and the finest tools to make those parts ourselves? Check out the video above of our system at work, or come visit us and see it running in person.

-Benjie Massara and the WARDJet Team

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